Why the fork?

This project is a fork of python-podgen. It follows the exact same syntax but adds to it several other classes that models XML tags from the RSS Namespace Extension for Podcasting.

Projects using versions 1.1.0 or before of python-podgen can safely move to pod2gen and start using the new classes for building more specific and advanced podcast feeds.

The goal of pod2gen remains the same as python-podgen which is making it easy and simple to generate podcasts from a Python program but intends to stay more up to date with latest RSS Namespace Extension for Podcasting..

Migration from python-podgen to pod2gen

Python 2.7 support has been dropped. If you are using python-podgen with python 2.7 you might need to move to python 3.6+ before start using pod2gen but if you are already using Python 3.6+ with python-podgen, the transition will be simple. All you need to do is replacing podgen with pod2gen in your imports

# Old import statement
# from podgen import Podcast

# New import statement
from pod2gen import Podcast

You can then start implementing new tags within the RSS Namespace Extension for Podcasting. by importing newly implemented classes from pod2gen

from pod2gen import (

Please refer to Developer Interface for more details about how to use the new classes.

Summary of changes